Schaeffer Oil App

One of the country’s largest industrial and agricultural oils manufacturer had a problem. With a salesforce of over five hundred field people, these representatives needed access to a large amount of specific product data, videos, and information to find solutions for their clients.

Rural clients and factory floors further complicated the situation due to poor or no internet services.

After discussing the reps’ needs, Feature came back with a solution that made it possible for representatives, no matter where they were, to have full access to the information they needed and deliver it in a dynamic way that perfectly answers their clients’ questions.

Feature create a mobile app for Schaffer that would allow the reps to download and store all the data on their mobile device. The app gives them instant access to specs, datasheets, and demonstration videos. With specialized industry calculators built-in, the reps can provide their clients accurate performance data and savings generated using Schaeffer Oils. The representative can then create a custom quote or order right on the mobile device, and when the device is reconnected to the internet, the clients’ sale is sent to headquarters and a copy sent to the client.

The results have been phenomenal with demonstrated increases in sales and a direct impact on the speed of getting new sales reps productive. Lastly,  these tools have significantly enhanced Schaeffer’s ability to attract new sales reps which is at the core of their overall growth.