Even though our first live streaming event aired back in 2005, we still marvel at the impact caused by live-streaming technology today. By the time live streaming began its rapid adoption in 2016, we had honed our skills to produce world-class events and deliver consistent results for our clients. What we pioneered in 2005 is projected to have a market value of $184.3 billion by 2027.

Why has live streaming been so successful, and why is it expected to grow? Because live streaming offers the presenters and the viewers advantages, no other media can. From a presenter’s standpoint, live streaming allows greater reach and more engagement than any other media. It flawlessly enables presenters to deliver a polished, professional message using video, audio, and interactive elements. From the viewer’s side, live streaming allows the participant to feel part of a community.

It also allows the user to get their questions answered during the event giving them the clarity they need. Since it has become such a powerful tool, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch have incorporated this technology into their platforms, allowing you to utilize it as a tool to strengthen your brand.

If you are hoping to take your business to the next level, our team of experts can help you use live streaming as a marketing tool. This strategy allows you to create your own live media show to generate interest in your brand and tell your story in a fun and vivid manner.

If you already employ a video marketing strategy for your business, you can take a giant leap further with our live streaming videos marketing services. This strategy has proven to bring about immense engagement from prospects worldwide, and engagement is the foundation of a successful business. We are committed to helping brands hit their goals in terms of sales and growth through live streams and other strategies.

How Can I Incorporate Live Streaming In My Business?

Live streaming is a technology here to stay, making it essential to your business marketing strategies. Below are some simple yet effective ways to use video streaming services for your business.

Live Interviews

A real-time video streaming strategy enables your business to efficiently conduct an interview remotely without the hassle of physically hosting. You can bring in a big name in your industry to answer popular questions in your field while promoting your brand in the process.

Live Q&A

Another way to effectively utilize live streaming for your business is by hosting real-time question and answer sessions with your customers and prospects. The company’s CEO or others that have the expertise can host the session. It’s also a great way to humanize those in your organization who typically cannot connect directly with individuals. Q&As are an effective way to generate leads, sell your product, keep initiatives headed in the right direction, and more.

Live Product Launch

Conducting a live product launch is another great way to use a live streaming service for business. This technique draws attention to the event, your brand, product, or services and then converts it to sales. A great example of this technique in action is Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Launch party. This event not only enjoyed buzz but was able to bag the beauty company $570 million in revenue 15 months into their business.


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