Application Development

As mobile technology has taken over the world, application development has become a primary opportunity for businesses to serve their clients better and reap more significant rewards in the process.

Earning and keeping real-estate on your client’s phone is serious business, and when it comes to helping you develop applications that hit home and continue to engage clients, the team at Feature Group USA are pros.

Our process

We start by sitting down with you and your customer and understanding their needs and wants. Surveying customers when needed to understand the nuances of services gives you the edge in getting their business.

The information learned is used to develop a strategic game plan and establish a path to serve their needs better.

The plan is developed into a wireframe to allow you and your stakeholders a basic understanding of how, when, and where elements will be used to achieve the goals established.

The final wireframe is turned over to our designers to create a look and feel that properly reflects your company and wins the minds of your clients.

Technical documentation will be developed specifying how the app will function, what data will be collected, and what controls need to be available on the backend.

Upon approval of the art and technical documentation, the project is assigned to a local or offshore developer to create the actual working code needed to drive the app. Our internal team of programmers and project managers manages the entire process.

The app is tested internally first then passed to a select group of your staff for initial testing. The final step is posting to the app stores for general release.

We remain actively involved for the first six months of operations to ensure that every aspect of the application is working correctly.

Why do you need An Application developed for your business?


Applications or (Apps) are a good way to reach your audience quicker. With the different marketplaces available like Apple Store and Google Play store you can easily sell your products to diverse customers. Almost every individual owns a smartphone which makes it easy to download and install an application and commence usage immediately. You can also be reached on other marketplaces like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook amongst others through a link that directs traffic to your applications.

Easier Engagement with Customers

With an app, it becomes very easy to engage with different customers. A modern and updated app performs a lot of functions that would help customers gain easy access to contact you anytime and from anywhere. Many people are more technologically driven and this makes it easier for them to interface easily with the application.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

In today’s technology driven world an application developed by Feature Group USA will help your business become less labor intensive and provide better service to the customer by allowing the customer to explore more products and services and place orders directly from their mobile devices.

Increased sales

Customers are likely to use their mobile devices, due to the compulsion to always be online. A good application would enhance the company’s sales by benefiting from the increasing prevalence of internet-savvy individuals who are more likely to visit the application rather than the website.

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