AAIM 2 Connect

One of the region’s largest Human Resource organizations needed to fill a growing demand. They had 1,600 member companies that needed to communicate better with their employees and create better engagement.

After surveying the market, we found that essential communications took several forms and needed to reach a vast number of audiences, including executives, mid-management, knowledge workers, mobile workers (outside sales and technicians), and line workers who did not have access to computers.

Critical elements companies needed to include for their workforce included key company contacts for employees, quick reference for most common policies and procedures, important dates all employees must know, instant notification of events like snow days, etc.

Feature’s app development team started to work on a mobile app that all companies could use for their combined workforces of over five hundred thousand in total.

AAIM 2 connect was created and allowed each company to private brand and break each of their own companies into unlimited groups making sure the information was relevant to each audience.

Today AAIM 2 Connect is on its ninth year of service, still providing companies and employees throughout the country with the critical info they need in the palm of their hands.