EdgeTek HVAC

One of the nation’s leading manufacturers of heating and air-conditioning equipment faced the problem of reducing the call volume on its technical support call center. With hundreds of distributors, thousands of branches, and tens of thousands of dealer contractors nationwide, the manufacturer did everything it could to level these inbound calls. They offered training courses at distributors’ locations and issued written emails and bulletins, but getting all the information into the contractors’ hands was challenging.

Feature recommended a strategy using a mix of live and on-demand video training that could reach contractors nationwide instantaneously on computers, tablets, and cell phones. The technical services team would identify the top incoming service call issues each month. We would jointly develop a short video or a longer-form video for more complex subjects.

Short-form videos became the perfect platform for weekly tips, which gave the contractor a quick lesson in two minutes or less. The long-form videos were used to engage the contractor in Lunch and Learn’s usually held at the distributor’s branch creating more visits to the distributor and greater contractor loyalty. Lunch and Learns generally last between 30 and 45 minutes, allowing enough time to show how to install and perform more complex repairs on equipment.

The Tips and Lunch and Learns caught on immediately, reducing the tech support departments’ travel expense drastically, providing simultaneous training of tens of thousands of contractors regardless of region, and providing an easy way for the contractors to learn how to install and service the equipment. And, the most crucial benefit it drove contractor satisfaction to a new height.

Today, the Tips are watched religiously by thousands of dealers and then posted to YouTube for easy reference. The manufacturers’ YouTube channel has over 20,000 subscribers and enjoys millions of views annually.