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RVD Webcasting For Image Minded Executives.

Feature Group WebbroadcastingWhen it's time to communicate your most critical information to prospects, customers, shareholders and industry peers, there's no room for error or status-quo.

Feature Group's Relevant Video Delivery (RVD) web broadcasting solutions bring a polished, professional and measurable edge to your company's webcast like no other solution available on the market today.

So What Makes REAL RVD Platform Different?

Well known webcast providers offer a glorified phone conference coupled with a desktop sharing application. If you are looking to collaborate on an upcoming PowerPoint presentation with your team or want to bring all your friends together in a virtual space to host your fantasy football draft over the web, then these solutions are probably for you.

For any company or executive charged with communicating crucial business initiatives, Feature Group's REAL RVD products dominate other solutions on two major fronts:

  1. Superior Content
  2. Consistent Messaging

Superior Content

We've all been raised in a TV world and because of this, traditional web meetings feel like a cold medium. It takes more than static slides, circling words, and a voice to keep our attention nowadays. Think about this, reports show that communication is made up of 7% words, 38% tone of voice, and 55% body language. So what can we conclude from these figures? If your goal is to efficiently develop relationships, transfer knowledge, and evoke action through superior communication, then you should introduce quality streaming video to your communication plan.

And by streaming video, we don't mean secondary 'video-in-the-corner' technology. We are referring to Feature Group's ability to broadcast a live video stream that can carry the focus of an audience by making your presentation relevant, engaging, actionable, and 'likable'.

Consistent Messaging

At its core, out of the box solutions provides more opportunities for your team to communicate with internal and external clients and prospects. Heck, a free trial and a click of a button can have you sharing your screen with someone halfway across the world. That can be good...and bad.� Simply having the ability to meet more frequently with more people and with less effort doesn't mean that it should be used for everything and by everyone. The ripple effect caused by a cast outside of your organization’s M.O. can be difficult to reel in without damaging the fragile eco system you’re growing in the marketplace or the culture you’re building within the company walls.

With over-the-shelf saas (software-as-a-service) solutions at different levels within an organization, it has become a huge challenge for organizations to maintain consistent messaging to and from representatives, departments, dealers, divisions, distributors and the public. Standard solutions tend to be driven by what the technology can do, but at Feature Group we understand that the driving force of a good communications plan is the players involved and their need to communicate more efficiently and effectively to achieve company initiatives.

One Solution, Outstanding Results.

When using our REAL RVP platform, you are surrounding yourself with a complete solution. In addition to industry leading technology, you'll work with the industry's best people to truly grasp and give legs to your vision.

With Feature Group as your web broadcasting partner, support is not an afterthought or an add-on. It is something that is experienced from the beginning of the process as we discuss and help establish the best practices for your communications initiatives.

When your communications efforts are powered by Feature Group, you will save time and money while engaging your audience with a powerful real-time video stream that can reach thousands to tens of thousands of people at the same time.

The REAL RVD Platform gives you the ability to go beyond the words of your message with platform branding opportunities and the ability to connect to your audience through live Q&A sessions.

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