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Feature Group's RVD Platform can bring life to your department's message. Here are just a few of the many ways companies are getting their messages noticed.

  • CEO State of the Company Address - Give the face of the company a powerful virtual podium.
    Reach employees, media, or other stakeholders with a concise and controlled video message that expresses the exact sentiments of the company.

  • CFO Quarterly Shareholder Meeting - The story is your business...not the stock price.
    Communicate your investor relations message in a way that makes employees, investors and other stakeholders more comfortable with the information you need to convey. And for the first time ever. pre-record your announcements, have legal review them and then broacast live using Feature Group's Psuedo Live Broadcast Option..

  • COO  Acquisition Announcement - Arm your message with the power of the news.
    Break exciting news to employees of both firms and the general public about the exciting gains resulting from an acquisition made by corporate.

  • CHRO Policies and Procedures Announcement - Limit liabilities and know your impact.
    Broadcast a polished, pre-produced announcement to employees regarding important changes to company policies and procedures, track viewership and adjust follow-up efforts accordingly.

  • VP, MarCom Sales Initiative Presentation - Feed your sales machine with cheaper, higher octane fuel.
    Use the power of video and efficiency of the web to launch a new sales initiative that motivates all or a subset of the sales team. Offer the team additional support by reaching out to their targets on their behalf using the REAL RVD platform.

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