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Complete Solution Doesn't Do The RVD Platform Justice..

Feature Group's Relevant Video Delivery (RVD) Platform is a turn-key single source solution for managing your company's video content. Part content management system (CMS), part learning management system (LMS), and part contact relationship management system (CRM), the REAL RVD Platform was developed to give executives, human resource personnel, managers, marketers, and product specialists a single source platform to engage, entertain, train and inform their audiences. But that is just the start!

The REAL RVD Platform Puts the Control Back in

the Hands of The Brand Guardians.

Your brand is one of your company's most valuable assets. The REAL RVD Platform allows you to protect it, while gaining insight into the effectiveness of your communication efforts, and areas of refinement for future communications.

Retailers, B2B organizations, manufacturers, and associations alike are able to leverage intelligence they have about their audience and distribute dynamic video content via a permissions-based web platform. The audience can be categorized in an infinite number of ways. For example, external clients may be grouped by age, income level, location, interests, or past purchases to name a few. Similarly, internal clients may be grouped by territory, job level, job tasks, etc. If you don’t have categorical information about your audience, REAL RVD's platform makes it easy to gather intelligence through behavioral-based methods, form entries, user reviews, or site searches, all which can be leveraged to enhance the relevancy of the platform for that user.

From the user’s perspective, a secure login page takes them to a place that populates content based on their information and interests. Custom copy, pictures, and videos fill the screen as the user is shown all of what they want, and none of what they don’t.

The REAL RVD Platform Makes IT Departments


The REAL RVD Platform is a hosted solution that keeps volume and bog down from internal company servers, while providing a secure environment for company information, making it an IT Department's dream come true. The REAL RVD Platform has been used in some the of the strictest IT controlled environments without a hitch. Why? There's no software to install, no computer upgrades, and no special permissions needed to use the system.

Content types are formatted to work within IT parameters for firewalls with no loss of quality or functionality. Seem hard to believe? Some of top content producers are IT departments that use REAL RVD for their department's technical training.

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