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Broadcasting the REAL Way.

At Feature Group we know that one size and one style never fits all. So when it came time to develop the REAL RVD Platform, we didn't just look at using technology to simply transmit a message from point A to point B. We looked at the way that companies truly do business.

Different Messages and Different Presenters

Have Different Needs.

Feature Group's REAL RVD Platform offers you three distinct broadcast options that can be blended together or stand alone to deliver your message in an engaging, effective, and measurable medium. All three options are powered by our proprietary content management platform, and all give you the control and flexibility you've been looking for.

Live Broadcasting

By now, 99% of corporate executives have attended a live broadcast (webcast)/webinar). If you are like most of us, you were hooked after the first one you went to, you eagerly awaited your next email invitation, called people into your office to show them how cool it was, and dreamed that someday your company could get it in the budget to do your own.

A REAL RVD broadcast is nothing like those webshare sessions you quickly grew tired of. Instead the REAL RVD Live Broadcasts are more of a network tv show than webcast. Here's a few of the features of live broadcasting with Feature Group:

  • Live streaming broadcast quality video. Better yet, no special plugins or software are needed for your audience. Just a computer with internet access and speakers.
  • Accessible broadcasts. Broadcasts are streamed from our media servers in multiple formats simultaneously to account for different computer set ups, IT requirements, and computer types (Mac, PC, mobile phones, tablets).
  • Interactive Controllable Audience Participation. Feature Group offers presenters the ability to prescreen audience questions.

Psuedo-Live Broadcasting

The REAL RVD pseudo-live broadcasting option takes a completely produced meeting where all the words and supporting content is set to be exactly right, and any presenter fumbles are cleaned and polished to a perfect message. Then it is broadcast out over the web at a specific time to appear live, and if we go into a live Q&A session, we just flip the switch and the presenters are in the same clothes ready to answer questions that come in at that time or that have been submitted throughout the presentation.

Pseudo-live broadcasting is the choice of most executive presenters for high level customer presentations, product and program launches, earnings statement meetings, and crisis/sensitive subject communications management.

On-Demand Broadcasting

The REAL RVD On-Demand broadsting option is a completely pre-produced piece that is made accessible to a limited or unlimited group of people to view on their own schedule. Advanced logic can be tied to these broadcasts to meet your company's unique set of viewer parameters. For example, customers can view programs that prospects can't, or employees at one location can view a set of videos that other locations can't, etc.

On-Demand Broadcasting is generally added as an "archived" program option to other broadcast packages (ie. Live, Psuedo-Live, Pay-Per-View), making the original program content available on-demand. For programs that feature a Q&A session, these portions of the original program are edited and appended to the back end to produce a complete archive.

Pay-Per-View Broadcasting

The REAL RVD Pay-Per-View option can be utilized for live, psuedo-live and on-demand broadcasts to monitize your special programming and content. Ad insertion doesn't just consist of player banner ads, but instead full fledged commercials when and where you decide.

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