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Marketing Technologies

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REAL Marketing Tools for REAL Results.

Feature Group creates and supports the industry's leading marketing technologies. Never in history has communications professionals had resources this powerful to engage their audiences, command, and keep their attention, and have access to the insight to know results.

The following are a core group of marketing technologies that Feature Group uses as part of an overall communication strategy for our clients.

  • Content Management for Websites: Getting a great site is one thing, keeping it great is another. As long as websites have been around, there has been a need for non-technical employees to update them. Feature Group's web CMS is hands down the easiest and most comprehensive system on the market. Click here to see the features and learn more about taking control of your website today.
  • Content Management for Video: If your company is still using YouTube to manage your video assets then you have to check out Feature Group's REAL RVD. RVD or Relevant Video Delivery is a proprietary system that blends the ease of YouTube with advanced security, reporting, and company branding options for a comprehensive video management platform. Videos on REAL RVD are available in multiple formats making them accessible and safe to PC's and mobile devices even in the toughest of IT environments.
  • Email Marketing: From simple monthly e-newsletters to data driven engagement campaigns. Feature Group's Email platform gives you the power to micro-target and customize your message to every single recipient based on their behavior.
  • Landing Pages: Feature Group's landing page solution allows clients to create their own landing pages, generate surveys or questionaires, present dynamic content, receive real time alerts on visitors, and review extensive page reporting. All with little or no technical experience.
  • Personal URLs (PURLS): Using PURLS to create data and behavior based content for individual visitors to your site is a highly effective and engaging way to deliver your message. PURLS can be used as part of a campaign, or as an ongoing customer communication tool. Feature Group's PURL solution provides the ultimate in 1:1 marketing with the ease of use that allows non-technical individuals to manage content and campaigns.
  • QR Codes: By now you’ve seen those squiggly boxes on ads all over, but what are they? And why are they useful? QR Codes (or Quick Response codes) are really just barcodes, but in two dimensions, meaning they can be read both across, and up and down. What really makes them special though is their ability to be read by a mobile smart phone camera, and direct the end user straight to the webpage imbedded in the code. Feature Group's QR Code solution makes it easy to implement and obtain metrics for your campaigns.
  • SMS Text: Adding SMS Text Messaging capabilities to your marketing arsenal has never been easier or more affordable, than it is with Featuer Group's SMS solution. SMS can be used as a powerful addition to marketing campaigns, as a reminder tool, a mobile coupon/offer tool, support tool, order status tool, and much more!


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