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Online...On Budget...On Demand.

Feature Group Corporate Learning SolutionsUsing the web as a learning tool for your company is a powerful and cost effective way to train more people on more topics for a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom programs.

So what kinds of things have companies that use Feature Group's REAL RVD platform train on?

The answer is; new hire human resource policies, to highly skilled technical training, and everything in between. The sections below highlight a few of the key online corporate learning solutions that Feature Group offers.

Program Development

You would be amazed at the programs we’ve been able to take from in-person and turn into video-on-demand training. Yes, you might say, but our training requires someone to be there, to explain, to show, to answer questions. Done, done, and done. We’ll work with you to make sure everything available in your training program becomes a part of your online, on demand training.

Program Filming & Production

Whether you prefer on location shoots of your live training, or the scripted setting of our studio, we’ll make sure your training videos are professional, informative, and perfectly convey your message. Our production team has experience in creating online video content for everything from sales training programs, to highly specialized, technical training for manufacturers.

Content Distribution Management and Reporting

The next step in the creation of an online corporate training program is making sure the right people are seeing it� and to make sure others cannot. We’ll create a secure online RVD REAL portal for your training program which allows user-specific access to each item. You will then be able to see exactly who sees what, how they scored on assessments, and reports on overall usage.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We offer a dynamic learning management system unique to each organization who uses it. These portals can offer free and paid training, assessments of information retained, controlled access to content, on-demand and pseudo-live content, and access to live feedback.

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